On a wedding day, we look at the big picture and overall aesthetic you've worked so hard to create, while never neglecting the little details that personalize your day and make it your own. We love to work with clients who value high quality photography and tangible heirlooms, that showcase real moments filled with life, joy, and sentimentality.

The people you choose to fill this role in your vendor team should be people you can see yourself laughing with, crying in front of, and fully trusting! We are here to make you feel comfortable, confident, and peaceful all day long, so you can enjoy & take in every moment! We will approach our time with you like any great storyteller would.

Finding the right photographer for your wedding day will be one of the most important investments you make during your planning process.

Our clients value meaningful touches & creating an unforgettable experience to be shared between their favorite people who have cheered them on along the way! 

"They were an absolute delight to work with from start to finish."

I will never forget the first time I saw Ashley & Zac’s photos. Their work was absolutely stunning and I just knew they would be the perfect match to capture our garden wedding.

- Tori & Andrew

They were always the rock we could depend on. They captured the most beautiful wedding photos we could have ever asked for, and looking at their work after the wedding brings us back & allows us to relive each and every second as if it were happening all over again.

"We just keep looking at the photos and re-living the whole weekend over and over again!"


The photos made my heart so happy! I have never before seen both moments & mood captured as well as I have in the images from our son's wedding!

"Everybody asks what the secret is to planning the perfect wedding, and without hesitation I always respond “splurge on your photographer!”

- Mikaela & Danny

A good photographer will give you some beautiful photos and a day you will look back on and smile, but a GREAT photographer will be your wedding confidant that will patiently listen to all your crazy ideas and help you pick out the best ones, they provide wisdom and guidance ensuring that your day comes together exactly how you imagined it!

"Even before Justin & I were engaged I knew I would use Shining Light Photography ON our big day."


From our engagement shoot, to my boudoir session, and to every tiny detail of our wedding weekend - each and every photo truly captured the magic of our relationship. Ashley & Zac are the absolute best at what they do. Ashley has an eye for tiny magical details and Zac is right there to make sure the moment is captured perfectly.

Your wedding photographs will be your legacy. Because of this, we take pride in the services & products we offer our clients. Please contact us to learn more.




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